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Fate: The Winx Saga Season 2 Coming - The Netflix Promise Makes Everything Better

Fate: The Winx Saga Season 2 Coming - The Netflix Promise Makes Everything Better

Now it's official: Netflix has extended the fantasy series Fate: The Winx Saga by a second season. The explanation, which was published in addition to the series, gives exciting insights into the fact that the series creators are aware of some weaknesses and want to improve them in the sequel to the Winx Club real series remake.

A second season for Fate: The Winx Saga is elementary for Netflix

There is even a short teaser trailer for the second season of Fate: The Winx Saga. It doesn't show much yet, but it just bursts with colors and shapes.

The season 2 teaser trailer too Fate: The Winx Saga is mysterious

The video suggests a further amalgamation of the individual fairy elements, which were surprisingly rarely called up as a mix of forces in season 1. Much more exciting than that, however, is the statement that showrunner Brian Young made about the continuation of the Netflix series:

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For Fate: The 123Movies Saga, Netflix makes a subtle promise

The statements of the show runner from Fate: The Winx Saga exudes joy about the Netflix extension, but also show that the series is aware of the criticisms of season 1.

The fairy world in which the school is located Alfea, for example, has hardly been explored at all. Beyond the magical borders we only got to see a hut in the forest and the ruins of a witch village. It would be desirable that season 2 is now immersed more deeply into the fantasy world.

The suggestive wink towards new students could also indicate that dissatisfied fans of the cartoon template, from which some characters were missing, could now also be satisfied. Maybe we'll get to see Terra's cousin Flora?

What is Fate: the Winx Saga Season 2 about?

When Season 2 starts, things will be different in Alfea after the shocking end of Season 1, Fate: The Winx Saga. Bloom and her friends don't know that mentor / headmistress Dowling is dead. And the new management wants to train the students to become a dangerous army.

One thing is certain: Bloom and their Winx Club will once again have to uncover dark secrets and stop Alfea's new top management now that Rosalind and Sky's father, Andreas, are in power.

We can expect the start of season 2 on Netflix at the beginning of 2022 at the earliest.

Are you happy about the extension of Fate: The Winx Saga for Season 2?

On Amazon: Fantasy flop with Vikings star Travis Fimmel was disfigured by 1000 cuts

On Amazon: Fantasy flop with Vikings star Travis Fimmel was disfigured by 1000 cuts

Travis Fimmel made his big breakthrough with his role as Ragnar Lothbrok in the Vikings series. The character was so popular with many fans that they clung to Ragnar even years after Fimmel left the series.

In 2016, the Australian actor starred in his first big blockbuster movie. In the video game adaptation Warcraft: The Beginning Travis Fimmel can be seen as the knight Anduin Lothar. At the box office, however, Duncan Jones's film flopped. In an interview, the director revealed how much the studio intervened in his vision.

Warcraft flop: The fantasy blockbuster had to suffer 1000 cuts

One of the reasons Warcraft lost millions to the studio is because of the long wait between the film's announcement and its release. For xmovies tv first time, a film adaptation of the Warcraft games was announced in 2006. Before the film opened in cinemas in 2016, it went through a tedious phase of preparation, delays, shooting and post-production for around three and a half years.

Check out a featurette of the making of the Warcraft film here!

In an interview with Thrillist, director Duncan Jones, who is a huge Warcraft fan himself, spoke about the arduous struggle against studio interference in his personal vision of the blockbuster:

The long wait for the film, through which the hype about Warcraft was overslept a bit, in combination with bad reviews, should above all have led to Warcraft: The Beginning being so financially disappointing.

Travis Fimmel after Vikings and Warcraft

If you want to see more of Travis Fimmel after Vikings and Warcraft, you should take a look at the Raised by Wolves series on Sky Ticket *. Here the charismatic Australian plays almost the same role as Ragnar again - as a science fiction version.

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Do you like the Warcraft movie?

In Wuhan, the streets are full of people welcoming the New Year 2021, and Europe sits at home

In Wuhan, the streets are full of people welcoming the New Year 2021, and Europe sits at homeIn Wuhan, China, where the global CoVID-19 pandemic began, there has been no sign of exaggerated restrictions and lockdowns for several months, and vaccines are for everyone, not just for the select few.

Yesterday, the majority of the world's population, instead of welcoming the New Year 2021 on the streets of cities, as it has been done since time immemorial, was trapped in their homes to limit the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus as much as possible. In most cases, such were orders from governments.

Meanwhile, in Chinese Wuhan, where the first cases of coronavirus infection were recorded, the city's population welcomed the New Year 2021 on the streets of the metropolis, without fear of infection and with the full consent of the authorities. It should be emphasized here that the Chinese will not celebrate their New Year 2021 until February 12, but despite this, they have already decided to show the whole world that they have defeated the pandemic and have something to be happy about.

According to local authorities, there has been no new case of SARS-CoV-2 infection in Wuhan in 8 months. Therefore, in one of the largest Chinese metropolises, there is no need to apply strict restrictions in the form of closing shopping centers, hotels, suspending the activities of companies and limiting the free movement of people.

In Europe, the situation is completely different. As we can see, not only in Poland, but also in most countries, introduced a total lockdown or severe restrictions limiting the activity of companies and leaving home during the New Year's Eve.

Asian countries have experienced several serious virus outbreaks in recent years, with the potential for a SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. artsandcinema all of them have been successfully nipped in the bud by powerful restrictions and the great responsibility of society, thanks to which these countries have avoided what we in Europe are struggling with today and will be for a very long time.

This technology-packed wristband flawlessly detects user gestures

This technology-packed wristband flawlessly detects user gesturesThere are already image recognition systems and gloves equipped with sensors that can read the user's hand movements, but scientists in this field show that even more can be done.

Image recognition systems not only require that the user's hands are clearly visible to them at all times, but also raise some privacy controversies, especially if the user's face appears in the video material. Electronic gloves are most often uncomfortable, easy to damage and simply impractical in many situations. In short, scientists thinking about the further development of such areas as gesture control of electronic devices, virtual reality or prosthetic close to movies must make much more effort.

The presented solution is a perfect example of this, and it refers to the UC Berkeley team of scientists with a processor of a thin band wrapped around the forearm. The user starts using it by making a group of gestures, one after the other - during this time, the wristband's electronic sensors detect nerve signals at 64 points of the hand. This data is used to train a literally bespoke AI algorithm that learns the specific signals accompanying specific gestures.

When, after the training process, the user makes such a gesture or even thinks about it, the system will be able to determine which gesture is being used using the collected database. Currently, the solution supports 21 different gestures, including fist, thumbs up, flat hand, counting on fingers or pointing a specific finger.

Interestingly, the algorithm is also ready to automatically update the gestures it has already learned to react to variables such as sweat on the hand or a hand held in an unusual position. Moreover, all computation takes place in the system itself, so no data is sent to the cloud. It cannot be denied that the possibilities of this solution are impressive and give hope, among others for real dentures of the future that will be as functional as our own hands.

Air is still leaking from the International Space Station. The Russians are preparing a rescue operation

Air is still leaking from the International Space Station. The Russians are preparing a rescue operationThe air leak occurred at the end of August this year. Only after more than a month was it possible to locate its source. Unfortunately, the astronauts have not yet been able to fix the leak.

Engineers from the American Space Agency recommended the crew to quickly go to the Russian Sightseeing segment and safely wait out the threat there, but it soon turned out that the air was leaking into the abyss of space from this oldest Russian module.

The health and lives of the astronauts were therefore at stake. If the module were to depressurize even more, the astronauts would die almost instantly. Fortunately, nothing like that happened. The crew after a few days found the source of the leak and patched it up. A small hole in the fabric was not created as a result of a micrometeorite impact.

Now, three months after locating the leak, the astronauts are again in danger. Even though the buttonhole has been patched, air is still leaking from the deck. The oxygen leak is not large, about 300 grams a day, but the vision of the inability to patch another hole and further loss of oxygen from the module deck does not fill the optimism of the Russian Space Agency authorities, which plans to organize a supply mission for astronauts.

We can expect that early next year, Roscosmos will send a Soyuz ship to the space home with additional oxygen supplies for the Russian crew. The International Space Station is in Earth orbit, 400 kilometers above our heads, so you can't evacuate astronauts in an emergency in a few minutes.

Experts fear that Russia's ISS modules will soon be struggling with material fatigue. These leaks are an introduction to this. During their construction it was not planned that they would serve cosmonauts for so many years in such inhospitable conditions. We also all remember the Planet Watching detected hole in the Russian Soyuz, which was accidentally drilled with a drill. The quality of the materials used by the Russians leaves much to be desired.

Such situations show that the future of space missions lies in robots that will detect, for example, the source of air leaks on the International Space Station or spacecraft and quickly neutralize them, all without any participation of astronauts. NASA should take such ideas to heart and start using the power of robots.

Great results of the first quantum loop tests in the USA. The qubits were teleported to a distance of 22 km

Great results of the first quantum loop tests in the USA. The qubits were teleported to a distance of 22 kmThe latest powerful Russian cyberattack on US government institutions has shown the need to invest in future quantum technologies that will bring security to a whole new level.

In July this year, the US government boasted of building one of the world's largest quantum loops. It stretches for 83 kilometers and is located in the suburbs of Chicago. There, engineers are testing quantum technologies to build a network based on the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. This phenomenon provides a previously unavailable level of security. The communication of two entangled particles, which can exchange information for two users, cannot be physically interfered with and overheard.

The US government wants to connect the most important government agencies and research centers in the country with quantum networks in the next few years. The idea is to create a super-fast information exchange system that will be the safest ever. The Pentagon does not hide that the system is also created with a view to curbing cyberterrorism originating in China and Russia. Daily attacks on networks cost the US millions of dollars, and the latest has shown that even nuclear installations are at risk.

Great news comes from the Caltech Lab. Engineers tested their small quantum network, which was able to teleport qubits 22 kilometers away. The network was established between Caltech and Fermilab. Progress in this matter is huge. The previous record was set in 2016. Then it was possible to teleport qubits to a distance of TV Review 6T kilometers.

Scientists from American institutes intend to teleport qubits over a distance of over 50 kilometers in the coming months. Advanced testing will take place in the Illinois Express Quantum Network under construction. The American government wants to start using the benefits of quantum networks as soon as possible to effectively repel cyber-terrorist attacks. In fact, the whole world will benefit, as the development of quantum technologies will result in the emergence of a new, quantum Internet.

This is what the first-ever drone-tanker from Boeing looks like in action

This is what the first-ever drone-tanker from Boeing looks like in actionThe US Air Force some time ago announced a competition to build the first ever autonomous tanker drone, the MQ-25 Stingray. Boeing was the winner.

The MQ-25 Stingray autonomous tankers will ensure the uninterrupted flight of Boeing F / A-18 Super Hornet, Boeing EA-18G Growler and Lockheed Martin F-35C aircraft during their important missions in enemy territory. The drones will initially be supervised by operators, and their home will be aircraft carriers. They are to become autonomous later.

The US government contract with the domestic company is worth nearly a billion dollars, with the possibility of expansion, and provides for the design, construction, integration with aircraft carriers and the implementation of dozens of such machines for use in 2024. The Boeing machine will be able to carry over 6 tons of fuel over a distance of over 740 kilometers.

The three largest military concerns in the United States took part in the competition. In addition to the Boeing, there was also Lockheed Martin and General Atomic. However, the Pentagon decided that the machines of the other two companies did not live up to his expectations. I must admit that visually the MQ-25 Stingray in the Boeing version looks the most interesting.

A few days ago, the about musics made its first flight with a suspended fuel tank for fighters. To start with, the tank was empty. Ultimately, the drone is to take two such tanks with it, each holding 3 tons of fuel.

The plans for the future of the US army have long been known and are aimed at fully autonomous planes and drones, which will communicate with each other without the participation of pilots and operators and together carry out even the most risky missions.

Such a vision may be frightening, but it is only a matter of time before it comes true. Recall that the United States is one of the few countries that have announced that they are and will always be against creating regulations that will block the use of autonomous killer robots on the battlefields.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 coming soon with SteamVR headset support

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 coming soon with SteamVR headset supportThis year's popular simulator from the Redmond giant may soon become even more immersive than it is today, thanks to the support for virtual reality goggles.

We remind you that Microsoft Flight Simulator is a series of games published by Microsoft since 1982, in which players have the opportunity to sit at the controls of various aircraft. From the very beginning, the creators had one basic goal, namely to provide users with an experience as realistic as possible, not only in terms of the flying machines themselves, but also the experience of piloting them. Therefore, many industry specialists, pilots and flight instructors are always involved in the production of the series.

And since the technology is moving forward year by year, this year's edition, which debuted in August, is unrivaled in this respect. No wonder that this almost photorealistic simulator has gained a huge group of fans, and it even attracted modders who created special mods for it, e.g. adding Godzilla. As if that was not enough, Microsoft wants to heat up the atmosphere even more and plans to release an update for this title later this month, which will add support for virtual reality.

According to TechPowerUp, such support appeared in the form of an update in October, but in a very limited group of beta-testers, so we also know what system requirements to expect here. The minimum requirements assume a processor of at least Intel Core i5-8400 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X, GTX 1080 graphics card and 16 GB of RAM - but remember that this is the absolute minimum and it is difficult to imagine that using VR would be any pleasure with it. Fortunately, we also learn that when SteamVR support is fully available, Microsoft will decide on some performance optimization measures that will make the system requirements more bearable. Anyway, there are no miracles, and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is already extremely resource-intensive and demanding - for example, in the 1440p resolution, the powerful 2080 Ti graphics card is able to generate only 44 frames from the game on Ultra settings (Techspot tests), and with 4K, the situation gets downright dramatic, so it's better not to think what will happen if we add VR to it. Fortunately, we Arts www soon find out about it ourselves, because we should not wait long for an appropriate update.

CBD from marijuana does not affect driving ability, but ...

CBD from marijuana does not affect driving ability, but ...... provided that it occurs on its own, which has just been confirmed by the world's first research in this field. This information is extremely important for the legalization of marijuana in many countries around the world, including Poland.

New research tracing the effects of marijuana on driving shows results that suggest that cannabidiol (CBD) alone does not impair us in any way. This can be a significant determinant for legislators who are increasingly preparing regulations related to the legalization of marijuana in various parts of the world. With the rapidly changing rules of the medical and non-medical use of marijuana, driving while under the influence of marijuana is an important and controversial public concern. While some previous studies looked at the effects of marijuana on driving, the majority focused on smoking marijuana containing THC rather than CBD, and did not accurately indicate the duration of the impairment, says study author Iain McGregor of the University of Sydney.

There are over 100 different cannabinoids in marijuana, of which CBD and THC are the most significant - the latter is famous for its psychoactive euphoric effects. Meanwhile, CBD is more and more often indicated as a source of many positive health effects and recommended, for example, in reducing epileptic episodes - the American Food and Drug Administration has even approved the first ingredient with this substance. Therefore, there is also a need to investigate its effect, alone and in combination with THC, on driving as it can be expected that more and more people will use CBD.

The new study involved 26 volunteers whose driving ability was measured in 4 different scenarios - inhaling THC, inhaling CBD, combining THC and CBD, and placebo. The test involved driving on a real highway under controlled conditions for one hour 40 minutes after inhaling the substance and then 4 hours later. Impact on Driving was measured using a standard tool that estimates how often a driver drifted or drifted along the hoses within a designated lane and was previously used to measure the effects of alcohol and Valium on driving.

Compared to the placebo group, the researchers saw no effect on driving 40 minutes after inhaling CBD, which was noticeable, albeit mild, after THC and the combination of THC and CBD. Research indicates for the first time that CBD, when given without THC, does not affect driving ability. This is great news for people who are considering treatment with its use - adds the author. Interestingly, after 4 hours, none of the 4 scenarios had an impact on driving, confirming previous reports that marijuana does affect driving ability, but for a relatively short time. - Road safety is the main goal. The results should allow evidence-based law and regulation for those receiving medical marijuana, recententertainment author explains.

10 million 5G base stations in China, which will connect more than 1.5 billion people

10 million 5G base stations in China, which will connect more than 1.5 billion peopleThe Middle Kingdom is building a national network of 5G technology stations at an express pace. The government is betting on a super-fast communication network because it will also ensure the country's super-fast development. It is already happening.

Currently, there are already 700,000 5G base stations in China, connecting 180 million people. At least 100,000 new base stations are built each month, but the government has announced that work will accelerate rapidly next year.

Telecommunications market experts inform that 10 million 5G base stations must be built in China so that they can serve all the inhabitants of the country every day. We are talking about a huge 1.5 billion people here. China is now a global pioneer in the development of this technology. They even overtook South Korea, which was the first to launch it last year.

The construction of a national 5G network for the entire Chinese population is to cost PLN 1 trillion. This is huge money, but looking at it through the prism of the country's development, we can safely say that it is no expense. 5G is the future of human development. Experts believe that countries that won't invest in 5G won't count in the world.

The Middle Kingdom does not stop at the 5G network. The first satellite to test the 6G technology has just Moviesider in orbit. According to the assumptions, it is to be up to 100 times faster than 5G. Its first commercial version is expected to appear in 2028. We can assume that the inhabitants of China will be the first to use it.