10 million 5G base stations in China, which will connect more than 1.5 billion people The Middle Kingdom is building a national network of 5G technology stations at an express pace. The government is betting on a super-fast communication network because it will also ensure the country's super-fast development. It is already happening.

Currently, there are already 700,000 5G base stations in China, connecting 180 million people. At least 100,000 new base stations are built each month, but the government has announced that work will accelerate rapidly next year.

Telecommunications market experts inform that 10 million 5G base stations must be built in China so that they can serve all the inhabitants of the country every day. We are talking about a huge 1.5 billion people here. China is now a global pioneer in the development of this technology. They even overtook South Korea, which was the first to launch it last year.

The construction of a national 5G network for the entire Chinese population is to cost PLN 1 trillion. This is huge money, but looking at it through the prism of the country's development, we can safely say that it is no expense. 5G is the future of human development. Experts believe that countries that won't invest in 5G won't count in the world.

The Middle Kingdom does not stop at the 5G network. The first satellite to test the 6G technology has just Moviesider in orbit. According to the assumptions, it is to be up to 100 times faster than 5G. Its first commercial version is expected to appear in 2028. We can assume that the inhabitants of China will be the first to use it.