Great results of the first quantum loop tests in the USA. The qubits were teleported to a distance of 22 km The latest powerful Russian cyberattack on US government institutions has shown the need to invest in future quantum technologies that will bring security to a whole new level.

In July this year, the US government boasted of building one of the world's largest quantum loops. It stretches for 83 kilometers and is located in the suburbs of Chicago. There, engineers are testing quantum technologies to build a network based on the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. This phenomenon provides a previously unavailable level of security. The communication of two entangled particles, which can exchange information for two users, cannot be physically interfered with and overheard.

The US government wants to connect the most important government agencies and research centers in the country with quantum networks in the next few years. The idea is to create a super-fast information exchange system that will be the safest ever. The Pentagon does not hide that the system is also created with a view to curbing cyberterrorism originating in China and Russia. Daily attacks on networks cost the US millions of dollars, and the latest has shown that even nuclear installations are at risk.

Great news comes from the Caltech Lab. Engineers tested their small quantum network, which was able to teleport qubits 22 kilometers away. The network was established between Caltech and Fermilab. Progress in this matter is huge. The previous record was set in 2016. Then it was possible to teleport qubits to a distance of only 6T kilometers.

Scientists from American institutes intend to teleport qubits over a distance of over 50 kilometers in the coming months. Advanced testing will take place in the Illinois Express Quantum Network under construction. The American government wants to start using the benefits of quantum networks as soon as possible to effectively repel cyber-terrorist attacks. In fact, the whole world will benefit, as the development of quantum technologies will result in the emergence of a new, quantum Internet.