Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 coming soon with SteamVR headset support This year's popular simulator from the Redmond giant may soon become even more immersive than it is today, thanks to the support for virtual reality goggles.

We remind you that Microsoft Flight Simulator is a series of games published by Microsoft since 1982, in which players have the opportunity to sit at the controls of various aircraft. From the very beginning, the creators had one basic goal, namely to provide users with an experience as realistic as possible, not only in terms of the flying machines themselves, but also the experience of piloting them. Therefore, many industry specialists, pilots and flight instructors are always involved in the production of the series.

And since the technology is moving forward year by year, this year's edition, which debuted in August, is unrivaled in this respect. No wonder that this almost photorealistic simulator has gained a huge group of fans, and it even attracted modders who created special mods for it, e.g. adding Godzilla. As if that was not enough, Microsoft wants to heat up the atmosphere even more and plans to release an update for this title later this month, which will add support for virtual reality.

According to TechPowerUp, such support appeared in the form of an update in October, but in a very limited group of beta-testers, so we also know what system requirements to expect here. The minimum requirements assume a processor of at least Intel Core i5-8400 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X, GTX 1080 graphics card and 16 GB of RAM - but remember that this is the absolute minimum and it is difficult to imagine that using VR would be any pleasure with it. Fortunately, we also learn that when SteamVR support is fully available, Microsoft will decide on some performance optimization measures that will make the system requirements more bearable. Anyway, there are no miracles, and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is already extremely resource-intensive and demanding - for example, in the 1440p resolution, the powerful 2080 Ti graphics card is able to generate only 44 frames from the game on Ultra settings (Techspot tests), and with 4K, the situation gets downright dramatic, so it's better not to think what will happen if we add VR to it. Fortunately, we Arts www soon find out about it ourselves, because we should not wait long for an appropriate update.