On Amazon: Fantasy flop with Vikings star Travis Fimmel was disfigured by 1000 cuts

Travis Fimmel made his big breakthrough with his role as Ragnar Lothbrok in the Vikings series. The character was so popular with many fans that they clung to Ragnar even years after Fimmel left the series.

In 2016, the Australian actor starred in his first big blockbuster movie. In the video game adaptation Warcraft: The Beginning Travis Fimmel can be seen as the knight Anduin Lothar. At the box office, however, Duncan Jones's film flopped. In an interview, the director revealed how much the studio intervened in his vision.

Warcraft flop: The fantasy blockbuster had to suffer 1000 cuts

One of the reasons Warcraft lost millions to the studio is because of the long wait between the film's announcement and its release. For xmovies tv first time, a film adaptation of the Warcraft games was announced in 2006. Before the film opened in cinemas in 2016, it went through a tedious phase of preparation, delays, shooting and post-production for around three and a half years.

Check out a featurette of the making of the Warcraft film here!

In an interview with Thrillist, director Duncan Jones, who is a huge Warcraft fan himself, spoke about the arduous struggle against studio interference in his personal vision of the blockbuster:

The long wait for the film, through which the hype about Warcraft was overslept a bit, in combination with bad reviews, should above all have led to Warcraft: The Beginning being so financially disappointing.

Travis Fimmel after Vikings and Warcraft

If you want to see more of Travis Fimmel after Vikings and Warcraft, you should take a look at the Raised by Wolves series on Sky Ticket *. Here the charismatic Australian plays almost the same role as Ragnar again - as a science fiction version.

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